Video is everywhere. It’s the big thing in marketing right now. Businesses want to create engaging content that goes viral and everyone is talking about the power of video, how it can drive traffic to websites and directly generate sales. Last week, comScore released figures for February’s online video rankings, finding that US viewers saw 9.9 billion video ads last month (increasing by a considerable 0.8 billion since January). So, if your organisation isn’t getting involved yet, then it’s about time it did. Not only to keep up with the competition and consumer needs but also because company executives are watching video more than ever too. 75% of executives told Forbes they watch work-related videos on business websites once a week. But if you’re not a video whizz, where do you start? Here at Kinura, we’ve put together some tips that will help get ideas flowing. Whether you’re in B2B or consumer sales, you can use video in so many different ways within your business. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Create promotional video to market your products and services

When creating promotional content try not to give too much away: aim to make the viewer want to find out more. This will encourage them to visit your website, which will also help to drive that all-important traffic to your site.  Take a look at Qualcomm’s most recent marketing video Best Bus Stop Ever. With over 3 million views it’s a great example of a clever marketing concept that demonstrates how the company ‘make everyday life better with social media’. There is so much video content out there that your video needs to stand out and engage viewers. Like Qualcomm, you need to try and think outside the box, brainstorm ideas until you come up with a concept that works.

2. Use your expertise to create ‘how-to’ videos

This video format is not only useful to potential customers or clients, but is also a great opportunity to show off what you know and build up credibility. When deciding what topics to address in your videos it’s important to think about what your customers or clients might need help with. ReelSEO show some great examples of ‘how-to’ videos on their YouTube channel, and also give plenty of useful tips on video marketing and video production. Be sure to check it out before implementing video into your marketing strategy. If you get it right, viewers will feel like you’ve really helped them. They may even subscribe to your video channel and continue to engage in what else you’re doing online.

3. Engage with potential customers using webinars

Live webinars are great for encouraging your audience to engage in conversation and debate with you. It’s an opportunity for clients, customers and industry experts to meet the real you, this will make them feel more personally connected to your brand. They’re also handy for building SEO and generating traffic to your website. You can enhance this by extending the life of your webinars by making them available on-demand. There are plenty of examples of companies who are using webinars to add value to their brand. For example The Ken Blanchard Companies, a management training and consultancy firm, offer free-of-charge webinars about management techniques. Their webinars often provide information parallel to that found in their books, a great way to market content. Hubspot also offer free on-demand webinars, take a look at their webinar Beginners Guide to Video Marketing for even more tips on online video.

4. Live stream your events and conferences

If your company host events and conferences then live streaming these events can often enhance your business. Live streaming your event opens doors to new potential clients who maybe haven’t heard of your events previously, or just haven’t been able to attend due to distance. Live video content also creates a sense of urgency, in comparison to simply filming an event and then making it available on-demand a few days later. This urgency can really help to drive the number of viewers. There are tons of advantages to live streaming your events, more of which we highlighted in our blog here.