Live Streaming Hogarth’s Quarterly Business Updates: Case Study


In this short case study, we look at the recent journey of Hogarth, where live streaming quarterly business updates has become an important initiative because of the company’s huge growth over last decade.

Since Hogarth was founded in 2008, the agency has gone from 14 to 5000 employees globally in multi regions. Quarterly Business Updates are now streamed live from London HQ offices in Soho and Covent Garden, reaching around 800 employees globally, with approx. 200 attending physically and the remainder joining the live stream from global locations such as New York, Singapore, Budapest, Mexico City and New Dheli.

Initially the livestreamed quarterly updates were produced by an in-house team using Webex and a Logitech webcam. But the standard wasn’t up to scratch, and the Comms team wanted to ‘not just get by’ but improve reliability and production quality, and ensure these broadcasts became a regular series. Transparency, authenticity, and ensuring reliable global access was a key driver for the decision to work with Kinura.

John Hinds, Production Technology Project Manager EMEA says: “We do of course have production resource in house but need a streaming partner because we want to make sure each event goes seamlessly. Also, it’s such a fast-moving market that we made the decision to outsource because at present we only stream four QBUs and it wouldn’t be worth investing in broadcast kit when we can hire it in affordably. The value to the business is clear in terms of ensuring we reach all our regional offices globally.

Since we stepped up from simple webcam-based production, the feedback has been very good indeed. Everyone thinks the livestreams are great. Much better quality, easy to access the video and supporting materials.

We want to keep pushing the format and keep tweaking and improving the production values. Adding in a mic for the audience, online chat for remote viewers, perhaps linking in other offices through Skype and rebroadcasting the output are all areas we are looking at. The team at Kinura have been very good. Helpful, accommodating, professional – so it’s a very good working relationship that we can build on to keep improving.”

The enterprise live video sector is experiencing rapid growth due to the demand for transparency and shared online experiences; bolstered by faster connectivity and proven reliable content delivery worldwide. A trend towards improving production quality can clearly be seen. Businesses need to invest for immediate impact and remain flexible to allow for scaling, improving and integrating video streaming tech. When it comes to live streaming quarterly business updates, Town Halls or staff meetings there’s a lot to think about in terms of making sure employees are engaged.

For companies still building a business case for video streaming, perhaps the most important decision is how to make sure they have the technical support and infrastructure in place to  confidently move forward with a video strategy.

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