Virtual Event Production

Extend the reach of your physical event with our virtual event production services.

Video production for virtual and hybrid events

Kinura was a virtual event production company before COVID 19. We’ve been providing stand-out experiences for online audiences since 2007. 

Turnkey virtual events solutions

Virtual events can be large, complex projects. Planning, logistics, technical support and reliable delivery are all key factors for successful delivery. We look after every aspect while you’re focusing on the content.

Professional video production

Broadcast standard 4k video production, sound and lighting managed by knowledgeable crew as standard. We’ll also asses any available in-room AV you might have and integrate it to reduce the cost of the virtual or hybrid event production.

Expert remote contribution

Kinura provides one-to-one coaching prior to any live or pre-recorded remote contribution to ensure that everyone sounds and looks their best. We also provide flyaway webcam kits to presenters that need them and acquire their audio & video in a way that suits them. We’re equipped to rebroadcast anything from advanced VT transport to a Zoom call, even a simple telephone call.


Virtual event production for any platform

We provide hybrid and virtual production for any platforms: Zoom, Teams, LinkedIn Live, Hopin, etc

Temporary studios at your location

Reduce production costs by leveraging you existing infrastructure. 

Use your space as your studio

Hybrid event production needs a studio for the hosts/presenters. This can be any suitable space large enough to accommodate cameras, lights and sound production equipment. Luckily, lots of workplaces have scope to be temporary studios due to more staff working from home. We install temporary studio facilities into appropriate spaces with setups ranging from a single camera to a full multi-camera onsite production unit.

Virtual events only happen once. That’s why we always provide bonded LTE backup internet connections and properly investigate any existing infrastructure used as part of a broadcast. Additionally, we always duplicate all equipment for a broadcast and provide primary and secondary encoding solutions if supported by the virtual event platform being used.

Delivering internal comms events or hosting a hybrid event is often challenging due to I.T. restrictions and legacy AV installations. We work closely with our clients’ internal I.T. teams to ensure broadcasts are reliable, accessible and don’t interfere with normal business operations.


Hybrid or virtual event? Which is right for you? 

We’ll help you decide on the right approach to ensure ROI and enagagement. 

Events goals and how best to achieve them.

Deciding whether your event should be hybrid or virtual depends on several factors. Both formats have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice should align with your event’s goals, target audience, budget, and logistical constraints. We’ll help you work out the best approach with clear, impartial advice.

Virtual events eliminate the need for physical venues and travel, making them more accessible and virtual event platforms don’t need to be expensive. However, there are a bewildering number to choose from.

We work with all the major virtual event platforms and can help you improve production quality. If you’re just starting out we’re happy to advise (for free) which is the best option for you and help you create accessible, engaging content your audience can access at work, home or on the move.


What is the difference between a hybrid and a virtual event?

What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is a long-form group of content like a conference or a TV news broadcast where all of the contributors and hosts are taking part from remote locations. There are usually interaction tools like Q&A and polling plus there’s usually a networking element that’s provided by a virtual event platform. Hopin and Swapcard are currently popular virtual event platforms.

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is similar to a virtual event but the hosts are based in a studio and ‘bring’ the remote contributors into the studio. Again, hybrid events usually make use of virtual events platforms to allow the audience to engage with the hosts, contributors and each other. The studio can be any suitable space to accommodate cameras, lights and sound equipment and the associated production equipment.

Don’t take our word for it

Happy clients since 2007


Advita Patel
Kinura live streamed my event, Unleash Your Inner Rebel and they were incredible. Their professionalism, support and experience was second to none, which allowed me to focus on the day rather than worry about the technology. I would highly recommend them for any event that requires live stream support.
Michael Motskin
Genomics England worked with Kinura on a couple of hybrid events we organised in 2021. They were professional, made sure all the details are covered and a generally a pleasure to work with. Michael Motskin Marketing and Brand Director Genomics England
Charlotta Lyon
We used Kinura for a virtual leadership conference. Kinura not only guided us through the process but made sure the result was outstanding. Great team to cooperate with.
Stephanie Bonno
I have worked with Kinura on 4 virtual events, some of them quite complex, all with speakers of international stature. I was very pleased with the quality of service Kinura provided, their responsiveness and their ability to find effective solutions. Great team, great technicians and great service!
Sam Tatam
Kinura were instrumental in helping us scale a 450 person 'physical' conference into a 30,000 digital event. They were patient and extremely professional.
Daniel Bennett
Kinura were fantastic at helping us to co-ordinate our behavioural science festival Nudgestock. Super short timings, complex operation, very accommodating and nice people to work with.
Amanda Vinson
The quality of the video was amazing and it was managed so well it was effortless for us.

"Kinura’s support, flexibility and diligence was so much appreciated for pulling together a truly successful World Energy Week LIVE 2020! It was a memorable and impactful event experience, which connected our community and all regions in the world. We’ve had really positive feedback from our members, partners, speakers and attendees! We are looking forward to working with Kinura again in the near future. "

Catarina Veiga

Events Manager, World Energy Council