Webinar producers make these 6 types of event better

Professional webcast production services, performed by expert webinar producers, will take your virtual events to another level




Webinar producers are an important addition to any internal or external communications team these days, since virtual events are now firmly here to stay, thanks to their many benefits. Video production services give the necessary polish to filmed elements, not just ensuring a slick, on-brand result thanks to professional equipment and expertise, but also allowing in-house teams to focus on their key objectives while the lion’s share of the effort involved in the video shoot, editing and production is taken care of by the video production team. Similarly, webinar or webcast production services will make sure that everything runs without a hitch, with a sleek and seamless feel akin to the live TV productions that people are used to seeing every day. Being on point with the production values, with on-brand graphics and engaging content, will help organisations connect with their audiences, whether internal or external.

But what kind of virtual events might be improved by the services of webinar producers? We’ve come up with a list of the six most common types of virtual event we are involved in, but of course there are no limitations, we’re always happy to talk about maximising the potential of any virtual event.

Virtual conferences

Webinar producers are an absolute must when you’re running a complex event such as a virtual conference. Not only do you want to free up your conference team to focus on the speakers and delegates, but leaving the technical details to the experts in video production and streaming will also ensure a great event experience for all. Specialist webinar production expertise much reduces the likelihood of technical difficulties, as well as ensures there are back-up equipment and troubleshooting plans in place, in case of the unexpected.

Global all-hands meetings

All-hands or ‘town hall’ meetings have become central to large corporations’ internal communications strategies; given this importance, webinar producers are increasingly being asked to get involved in both the video production and webcast production for these events. We support several clients on an ongoing basis with their internal events – for example, our client Wunderman Thompson regularly holds town hall meetings with up to 5,000 participants worldwide, and we have been their outsourced livestream production support since 2020 (you can read the case study here).

Quarterly updates

When the stakeholder audience is particularly discerning – and may include investors – then it’s all the more important to make sure that your webinar production values are optimal. While during the early years of virtual event adoption business people were forgiving of clunky transitions and commentary which referred to taking control of the slides or asking whether microphones were working, expectations of professionalism are now higher. Webinar producers will help you make sure you can present the best face of your brand to key audiences when it matters.

Virtual AGMs

Webinar producers are a key part of the team involved in running a virtual AGM, as they can ensure that shareholders are able to participate in the meeting as if they were attending in person. It is a legal requirement that shareholders must be able to hear the proceedings, speak and be heard (including the ability to ask questions, if it’s a traded company), and vote in real time using an online platform.

Sales meetings

A sales team’s performance is inextricably linked to business performance, so it’s no wonder that many companies are investing in virtual sales meetings. With the support of professional webinar producers, salespeople can overcome the slight challenge of not being face to face (it can be more difficult to ‘read the room’) and impress and engage the prospective client with slick video and presentations, even from thousands of miles away.

Marketing events

Webinar producers are never more important than when you’re trying to nudge a prospective customer towards the next stage of their buying journey, or retain an existing customer, because they will help your brand come across in the best possible light. From industry thought leadership round tables to webcasts offering expert advice, all kinds of virtual marketing events can be elevated with professional video production and webcast production services.

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