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What is the difference between a webinar and a webcast? 

What is a webinar?

We define a webinar as an information-sharing exercise, often using PowerPoint slides alongside live video of the presenters. Firstly, they’ll usually make use of a webinar platform like Zoom or WebEx and include some kind of audience interaction – usually through Q&A and polling. Secondly, they’re often used for lead generation or content marketing and require attendees to register to access. Webinars can be pre-recorded or live. Scroll down for some more info on webinar platforms.

What is a webcast?

We define live webcasts as corporate broadcasts (B2B rather than public-facing). Internal communications events like Town Halls or financial information based events like quarterly results are typical webcasts. Typically, they’re one-to-many broadcasts that don’t have much audience interaction. Unlike webinars they tend not to use a specific platform though they’re increasing delivered using company-wide services like Microsoft Teams.

Professional Webinar Production for Business Events

Pre-production & Planning

High quality webinars need good preparation. Everything relies on a well organised scheduled that all your hosts and contributors understand. An experienced webinar producer and our technical delivery team work with your team to make sure it’s delivered the way you want.

All technical aspects, content and graphics are prepared in advance by our engineers so you get a polished, professional result that lets hosts focus on presenting rather than running the webinar. By the time your webinar is due to start your contributors and hosts will be well prepared and confident.

Backups & Redundancies

Live webinars and webcasts only happen once. That’s why we always provide bonded backup internet connections and properly investigate any existing infrastructure used as part of a broadcast. Additionally, we always duplicate all equipment for a broadcast and provide primary and secondary encoding solutions if supported by the webinar platform being used.

Delivering internal comms webcasts is often challenging due to I.T. restrictions and legacy AV installations. We work closely with our clients’ internal I.T. teams to ensure broadcasts are reliable, accessible and don’t interfere with normal business operations.


Expert Production & Technicians

Every webinar is different. We provide scalable portable production units (PPU) ranging from a single camera to a 3+ camera shoot with expert technicians and camera crew. Prior to any webinar we asses any available in-room AV you might have and integrate it to reduce the cost of the webinar production.

Once the webinar is over our is work just beginning, making sure your session recording are available as quickly as possible. Fast on-demand editing and upload to OVP cloud hosting services is all included. 

Creative Content Creation

Our starting point is the overall quality of the video production and sound. Additionally, there no limit to the kind of content you can include in your webinar. Graphics, comments, social or intranet posts, tweets, pre-recorded video are all standard options to help keep your content engaging and fresh.

We work with all the major live webinar platforms and can help you improve production quality. If you’re just starting out we’re happy to advise (for free) which is the best option for you and help you create accessible, engaging content your audience can access at work, home or on the move.

Broadcast Quality Webinar Production



Zoom is everyone’s go-to webinar platform for a reason. Cheap, reliable and very versatile with a lot of features once you start upgrading. We work with Zoom on a daily basis and despite the (unwarranted) bad press around security, it’s a good fit for webinars.


Microsoft Teams

A new addition to the webinar space but has some great features. Best suited to ‘in-organisation’ webinars rather than external invitations. It’s ‘Producer’ features are way ahead of any other webinar platform.



WebEx was the real first-to-market webinar platform. It’s had some serious updates in recent years and is easy to use for the audience, hosts and presenters. It also handles the registration/marketing emails better than any other service.



The GoTo suite of services are well put together and easy to use for both host and audience. Not as fully-featured as some of the other platforms but we see that as a plus! As part of the LogMeIn family security is at the forefront.


LinkedIn Live

Not a ‘webinar’ service but strictly business. A robust broadcast platform for companies to broadcast content relevant to their network. Think YouTube for business. Easy to use, effective and will grow in the coming years.


Workplace by Facebook

Workplace By Facebook is the leader in social media for internal communications and has the essentially the same feature set as it’s public offering. Again, not really a webinar platform but if your organisation is on FB workplace then it’s the obvious choice for in-business broadcasts.

Recent Webinars and Live Streams for Business

webinar production


webinar production/ international production / remote contribution

Biting the hand that feed I.T for over 25 years, ‘The Register’ is the world’s most popular destination for the IT news. They approached Kinura in 2018 to help them refine their video content workflows. Since then, Kinura has been providing studio & on-site live stream production in the US and Australia, remote broadcast support and pretty much anything else you can think of.

webinar production


onsite production / social media live stream 

The Huxley Summit is a one-day thought leadership event that brings together business leaders, scientists, policy-makers and opinion-formers to discuss key scientific and social challenges facing the UK in the 21st century’. Kinura were approached by the RSC to help bring the event to a wider audience with a full onsite production going live to Facebook.

webinar production


remote contribution / virtual event / live stream

Kinura worked with Ogilvy and airline industry partners to create a day long virtual event – Flightplan. The result was attended by over 2500 industry peers. Presented in a linear TV format we broadcast a mixture of live remote contribution, pre-recorded interviews and  live studio broadcast. We built a temporary MCR to mix feeds,  graphics and remote contributors

webinar production


onsite broadcast / social media live stream / international production

Every year Adecco selects a single member of staff to run the business for a month (they get help obviously).  The ‘CEO for One Month’ competition finale, where the winner is selected from the final 10 candidates selected is broadcast company-wide using Facebook Live stream from their HQ’s in Zurich & London. Kinura provided onsite production and encoding

Michael Motskin
Genomics England worked with Kinura on a couple of hybrid events we organised in 2021. They were professional, made sure all the details are covered and a generally a pleasure to work with. Michael Motskin Marketing and Brand Director Genomics England
Charlotta Lyon
We used Kinura for a virtual leadership conference. Kinura not only guided us through the process but made sure the result was outstanding. Great team to cooperate with.
Stephanie Bonno
I have worked with Kinura on 4 virtual events, some of them quite complex, all with speakers of international stature. I was very pleased with the quality of service Kinura provided, their responsiveness and their ability to find effective solutions. Great team, great technicians and great service!
Sam Tatam
Kinura were instrumental in helping us scale a 450 person 'physical' conference into a 30,000 digital event. They were patient and extremely professional.
Daniel Bennett
Kinura were fantastic at helping us to co-ordinate our behavioural science festival Nudgestock. Super short timings, complex operation, very accommodating and nice people to work with.
Amanda Vinson
The quality of the video was amazing and it was managed so well it was effortless for us.
Whitney Klepadlo
From the first time we spoke with Sarah we knew this was the right team to trust the most important event we have run to date with. They completely understood our concerns and made it seamless to create a live stream event for over 2000 online registrants. They worked very closely with the venue to take any additional work off of our hands. Additionally the team onsite was professional and friendly and always had a plan B. The final product has seen huge additional views and replays and is a solid piece of content we are reusing for our customers and projects. We will not use anyone other then Kinura on all future projects in London!
Sian Tyrrell
Brilliant service, really easy people to work with and totally professional. Highly recommended!
Matthew Heaney
The service provided by Sarah was excellent. I dealt with Kinura during the setup process for our Webinar. Everything was delivered on time, calls were arranged and all details were finalised well in advance of the filming day. Great to work with, would highly recommend.

Our Clients Say

Virgin Logo

“We’ve worked with Kinura to successfully integrate video meetings with live streaming across our organisation. They take a calm and friendly approach to technical challenges and have been a real pleasure to work with.”

Terrie Lucas Kennedy, IT Director, Virgin Management Limited

Get in Touch

If you’re planning a webcast or webinar and need a quote quickly we’ll need some information from you. Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We usually respond within 1 hour during UK office hours (9am to 6pm GMT).

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* Where is the event taking place?
We work in all regions in the UK and continental Europe or you can book one of our studios.

* When is the broadcast?
Usually, we’d need at least two week’s notice so we can adequately prepare for a live stream. However, certain times of the year are busier than others so don’t leave it too late!

* Do you have an AV company looking after in-room AV/sound?
If you’re planning on using a hired venue for a webcast or live stream then sound (microphones & in-room PA) will be provided. However, if you’re planning using one of your own locations we’ll need to allow for sound technicians.

* What platform would you like broadcast on (via social media or private/securely)?
We can distribute your stream to multiple social media platforms and your website simultaneously. Or, if you’re planning an internal comms broadcast or any other live stream that contains sensitive information, we can make it secure for you.

If you have a contract with a webinar provider we’re happy to plug our production in your account.

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