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Webinar production for investor relations, AGMs, quarterly updates, conferences & sales meetings.

Professional webinar production for business events

Turnkey webinar production solutions

Every webinar is different. We know that good preparation and well organised content are the cornerstone of a successful webinar. Our producers and technical delivery team work with you to ensure ROI and make sure your messaging is clear. Our process lets the hosts focus on presenting rather than running the webinar.

Professional video production

Webcams should never be used in B2B or B2C webinars. All webinar platforms allow professional multi-cam production. Kinura provides 4k video production, sound and lighting managed by knowledgeable crew as standard. We’ll also assess any available AV and integrate it to reduce the cost of your webinar. Pre-recorded content, slides and graphics are prepared in advance by our engineers for a polished, professional result.

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Broadcast quality webinar production company

Whatever webinar platform or webcasting service you use we can help you utilise it better.

Reliability isn’t optional. Flexibility is essential.

Backs-up and redundancy as standard

Live webinars and webcasts only happen once. That’s why we always provide bonded backup internet connections and assess any existing infrastructure used as part of a broadcast. Additionally, we always duplicate all critical equipment and provide primary and secondary encoding solutions if supported by the webinar platform being used.

Delivering internal comms webinars is often challenging due to I.T. restrictions and legacy AV installations. We work closely with our clients I.T. teams to ensure broadcasts are reliable, accessible and don’t interfere with normal business operations.

Any platform in any location

We’ve produced hundreds of webinars on all of the major live webinar platforms (and lots of minor ones too). Kinura can help you improve production quality providing you with greater ROI and audience engagement, If you’re just starting out we’re happy to advise (for free) which is the best option for you and help you create accessible, engaging content.

Our production teams come to your offices to record your webinar or can come come to our studio in EC4.


City of London Studio for perfect webinar production

Take your corporate video production to the next level with our purpose built, full-service record and stream facility providing a fast turnaround, turnkey solution for corporate communication clients.


Pre-record your most important communications.

  • Video wall and extensive 4k camera inventory
  • State-of-art lav & IEM mics and monitoring systems
  • Live streaming to every platform and service
  • Gigabit ethernet with bonded redundancy
  • Remote contributor ‘ready’ including pre-production checks
  • Basic furniture & editing is included in the hire cost
  • Autocue, transcription & translation available on request
  • Greenroom and catering.
webinar production

What is the difference between a webinar and a webcast?

What is a webinar?

We define a webinar as an information-sharing exercise, often using PowerPoint slides alongside live video of the presenters. Firstly, they’ll usually make use of a webinar platform like Zoom or WebEx and include some kind of audience interaction – usually through Q&A and polling. Secondly, they’re often used for lead generation or content marketing and require attendees to register to access. Webinars can be pre-recorded or live. Scroll down for some more info on webinar platforms.

What is a webcast?

We define live webcasts as large audience corporate broadcasts (B2B rather than public-facing). Internal communications events like Town Halls or financial information based events like quarterly results are typical webcasts. Typically, they’re one-to-many broadcasts that don’t have much audience interaction. Unlike webinars they tend not to use a specific platform though they’re increasing delivered using company-wide services like Microsoft Teams.

Are webinars worth it?

Webinars are an excellent way to educate and engage your target audience while generating high-quality leads. Although they require significant effort, they are worth it. However, measuring their success can be challenging. Justifying the time and money spent on planning and executing a webinar can be tricky, but utilizing various event platforms and technologies can help measure success.

Defining a successful webinar is essential for measuring ROI. Focus on audience participation, brand awareness, customer engagement, and early identification of your audience. By addressing these areas, you can effectively measure and enhance the success of your webinars.

Set Realistic Goals

As with any webinar production, you need clear, concise, and realistic goals based on existing data. Use primary research or data from previous webinars to project results. Assess whether you received qualified leads, their conversion rates, and the expected number of sales. Knowing your customer’s lifetime value can also help forecast sales and estimate a realistic ROI for your webinar.

Encourage Participation

Webinars should be interactive to ensure a good ROI. Participation highlights areas for improvement and success. Encourage interaction through surveys, polls, and Q&A sessions. Check your chosen webinar platform has the tools you need to track engagement and provide insights into which topics resonate most with your audience.

Know Your Audience

Not all registrants will attend or engage with your webinar. Segment your audience into categories, such as those who registered but didn’t attend, and use remarketing to reach them for future events. Analyze attendee behavior to identify when viewers drop off and adjust content length accordingly. A/B testing can help determine what resonates with your audience. High engagement, indicated by questions during the event, shows interest, whereas a quiet audience may require changes in format.

Optimize Registration and Follow-Up

Analyze your landing pages and ad platforms to simplify the registration process and ensure marketing messages are consistent. After the webinar, retarget your audience and act on as many leads as possible to maximize ROI.

Involve your webinar producer early.

Involve your webinar producer from the start of your project to leverage their expertise and it will save time and money. Be transparent about your budget so they can suggest the best ways to maximize value. Provide a clear brief outlining not just what you want your webinar to look like, but why you’re doing it, along with brand guidelines to help them understand your organization’s identity. Good producers will guide you on what to include in the brief to deliver optimal production.

A well-chosen webinar producer will act as an extension of your in-house team, aligning their objectives with yours. Over time, they will become attuned to your requirements, needing minimal input to deliver the best quality outcomes. 

Why do I need a webinar producer?

Webinar producers have become increasingly important as companies across all sectors adopt live streaming and webinars for internal and external communications. Initially driven by COVID-19 restrictions, the appeal of virtual events has persisted due to their convenience and value. Organizations rely on webinar producers to ensure their broadcasts are professional, uphold brand values, and offer a seamless experience for attendees, internal teams, and presenters.

What do webinar producers do?

Webinar producers provide the expertise, technical hardware, and professional webinar production skills needed to deliver polished online events similar to live TV broadcasts. Their responsibilities include:

  • Rigorous pre-production planning with clients, including creating a run-of-show document that outlines timings, durations, topics, and speakers while addressing potential pain points and risks.
  • Advising on content presentation to maintain audience attention, such as incorporating Q&A sessions for engagement.
  • Creating professional graphics and assets for the broadcast.
  • Preparing speakers with tips and advice, enhancing performance by providing reassurance and technical support.
  • Ensuring a dedicated, thoroughly checked ethernet connection, with a backup available in case of outages.
  • Setting up the location, including lighting, cameras, microphones, and presenter positioning, often in a dedicated studio space.
  • Conducting pre-broadcast technical checks.
  • Managing the full livestream production, including communication with the film crew, starting the broadcast, controlling overlays, adding speakers, and running interactive elements like Q&A sessions or polls.
  • Producing a polished after-event video for use on social media, websites, or follow-up emails.

How to choose a webinar producer

To identify the best webinar producer, consider their experience, especially with live broadcasts. Look for case studies and testimonials from reputable clients. Ensure they have solid technical expertise and can explain technical aspects to non-technical team members, facilitating smooth collaboration. Assess their responsiveness during the planning period and check if they provide prompt responses to queries.

Dependable, high-quality hardware is essential, along with duplicate equipment to prevent technical issues. Evaluate their attention to detail, willingness to go the extra mile, and ability to act as a true partner rather than just hired help. The best producers will advise on options to meet budgetary needs and support your communication and business objectives.



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Great experience working with Kinura on a live stream for a big brand!
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A great team to work with who have really taken the time to fully understand our varied events requirements. It's a genuine pleasure working with them, I can't recommend them highly enough
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Kinura five stars live streaming for the BEYOND 2023 conference. I attended the event both physically and online and it was a smooth, seamless experience. Top level and highly recommend for your online and hybrid events!
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The team at Kinura go above and beyond to understand our requirements and produce the highest quality live stream broadcasts. They are now our trusted long term partner for our monthly broadcasts. They are also super friendly and fun to work with! I could not recommend them more.
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Great team to work with. Super patient, flexible, efficient. Will definitely continue to partner with them for future events.
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Fantastic team able to fulfil a requirement for our webinar production and broadcast at short notice. The team were able to meet all of our needs and requirements and delivered a seamless and professional webinar. They were all so great to work with and we look forward to working with you all again for future events
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Great team and really quick to respond and Support!
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Kinura live streamed my event, Unleash Your Inner Rebel and they were incredible. Their professionalism, support and experience was second to none, which allowed me to focus on the day rather than worry about the technology. I would highly recommend them for any event that requires live stream support.

"We’ve worked with Kinura to successfully integrate video meetings with live streaming across our organisation. They take a calm and friendly approach to technical challenges and have been a real pleasure to work with"

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