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Welcome to EC4! A purpose built webinar studio and corporate video recording facility in the heart of the City of London.

City of London webinar studio

Our new webinar studio in EC4 is full-service record and broadcast facility dedicated to providing a sensibly priced turnkey video solution. It allows clients the opportunity to engage with their audience without worrying about complex AV and technical setups required to produce a webinar in-house.

Our webinar studio is ideally suited for investor relations and financial update webinars. It was designed from the ground up to serve corporate communication clients that need a quick turnaround and/or live streaming.

Anything filmed in the studio can be delivered live to all webinar platforms (Teams, Zoom, LinkedIn, etc). Or, if you prefer, we’ll broadcast your webinar ‘as live’ at any time after recording.

Corporate video production, simplified.

  • Video wall and extensive 4k camera selection
  • Gallery, LED lighting and soundproofed
  • State-of-art lav & IEM mics and monitoring systems
  • Live streaming to every platform and service
  • Gigabit fiber connection with bonded redundancy
  • Remote contributor ‘ready’ including pre-production checks
  • Basic furniture & editing is included in the hire cost
  • Edit facilities
  • Autocue, transcription, translation and catering are all available on request
  • 5 mins from Chancery Lane, City Thameslink and Farringdon
webinar studio

Efficient, cost effective corporate communications

Prerecord for perfect results

Prerecording allows you to choose a convenient time for you and your presenters to record the content. This can be especially useful if your presenters are in different time zones or have busy schedules.

When you prerecord, you have the opportunity to edit and refine the content to ensure it’s of the highest quality. This means you can eliminate mistakes, pauses, and technical issues that might occur during a live webinar.

Prerecording for later playout is a good option for presenters who aren’t as experienced in front of the camera or if the content needs to be reviewed by compliance teams prior to broadcast.

Stress-free live webinars

We’re been helping businesses elevate their webinars for over a decade and understand that webinars can be stressful affairs for the presenters. Our webinar producers will put your speaker at ease, ensure they’re well prepared and create a relaxed environment. All elements or your webinar are handled by our experience crew – slides, graphics, videos and remote speakers, leaving hosts to focus on their presentation.  

If your speakers are inexperienced there’s always the option to prerecord your webinar. This eliminates this stress and you can review and edit the content before it goes live.

Increased engagement 

The benefits of immersive visuals, flexibility in set design, cost-effective production, real-time interaction, and enhanced branding opportunities contribute to a compelling case for embracing this innovative approach. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an emerging talent, the marriage of small-scale virtual production and cutting-edge LED technology opens doors to a world of creative possibilities, allowing your content to shine in the crowded digital landscape.

Consistent brand ‘voice’

We’ll make sure your brand guidelines and any other set dressing fits perfectly with your project and ensure your message is consistent with with the rest of your companies video output. 

6m x 3m video wall

Our webinar studio studio is equipped with a large LED wall that provides businesses with unparalleled flexibility in set design, brand messaging and remote contributor interaction. Changing messaging and themes in your presentation can be reinforced by switching in visually striking content. It opens endless creative possibilities for strategic brand & sponsor integration, helping you maintain a strong and cohesive brand identity.