The word ‘strategy’ is much overused these days, when really it’s quite simply about knowing what you want to achieve, what actions you might take to get there, and how to tell if you are meeting objectives, making progress and generally doing well and heading in the right direction.

The strategy will depend on what you want to achieve, so there isn’t a universal code. One small strategy may be part of a larger set of organisational objectives. That said, there are some useful things to think about and tricks you can use if your strategy is about getting content out there, getting sales leads, creating an online community or whatever.

Some key things to think about that may affect the success of your communications or campaign are:

• Quality of content – as we all should know by now, you can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear
• Frequency – keep it fresh, get people to subscribe, have regular slots
• Authenticity – don’t be shy, don’t be a bland purveyor of platitudes, let your personality out
• Dialogue – talk, listen, comment, chat, listen more, respond
• Talent – if you haven’t got any, hire some in!
• Being realistic – vision versus budget
• Which platform – do you need to be on more than just one? Is it about seeding to multiple platforms or managing one well so that you can drive people to it?